"What goes up with a fischer fixing, won't come down"

Mirror Fix


The SKLM, is the fischer Mirror Fix, the ideal fixing needed for the safe and secure installation of mirrors that won't crack or break any glass.

The design of the fixing allows one to fasten mirrors into most base materials including solid substrates (concrete or stone), masonry (brick) or hollow materials (such as drywalls or hollow-core doors).

The fischer SKLM comes in a blister pack consisting of 2 x mirror holders loaded on springs (for the top of the mirror); 2 x mirror holders without springs (for the bottom of the mirror) and 4 x S plugs to hold the fixing in place when fastening into solid materials.

This means the top of the mirror can slide easily into its fixture while the bottom remains fixed. For fixing into other materials, the appropriate fixings and corresponding plugs are available off the fischer stand in reputable hardware retail outlets.

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