"What goes up with a fischer fixing, won't come down"

Go Green with the GREEN UX plug


If we can consider ways to be environmentally conscious in all that we do, we can leave a legacy to be proud of.

Appropriate technology and sustainable development are no longer just buzz words but necessary steps and considerations taken by all responsible brands.

In accordance with this, fischer recently announced the launch of the world's first ever, green wall plug. As 'Greening' the planet, starts with greening your home, you can now be rest assured that the fixings you use, also subscribe to these same values.

The Green UX is a wall plug made from renewable raw materials; and it is quite literally green! Production of these plugs makes use of energy efficient processes that don't compromise the robust nature and flexibility expected from the traditional fischer UX (Universal) wall plug. The packaging of the UX Green, is also made from 90% recycled paper.

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