"What goes up with a fischer fixing, won't come down"

Knowing your fischer adhesives


As an International Company and brand that has become synonymous with pioneering chemical anchoring technology, fischer fixing systems takes the adhesive market very seriously and offers a comprehensive range to accommodate all needs.

In the retail range of fischer adhesive products, you will find fischer MK and KK.

MK is a water based adhesive that hardens when its moisture evaporates. This should be used for indoor applications on absorbent surfaces only; such as binding wood, cork or plastic skirtings to plasterboard, plaster, chipboard or concrete surfaces.It can also be used to glue timber substructures together, fixing wall panels and adhering window sills to brick or concrete walls.

The fischer KK adhesive can be used for the same applications but is more suited for outdoor use. Unlike the MK, the KK hardens when it absorbs water; making it watertight, heat resistant and once it has cured, it can be sanded and painted over too. Both are packaged in a tube similar to that of the fischer silicone and can be reused once opened.

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